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Pisi chudte debe, sakal theke khub ichhe korche tomake chodar. Tomar moto khanki pisike thapate na parle amar barata santi pabe na. ekbar antata chudte dao. Bonke chude sakh mete ni. Kono rakame thapiyechi.

Ami kintu tipbo ar tumio thakbe samne, kal dupure bon bari thakbe na. tomra chuti niye nao. Dekhbo tomar bandhabir gud ta koto bara khete pare. Ekhuni chudte chudte cellphone koro. Oi obosthatei mobile phone kori.

These head aches is usually prevented by not doing exercises as well strenuously and will be taken care of with medications for instance indomethacin.

19 bachar bayaser tartaja chele daktari pore. Khuboi sundar dekhte, khela dhula kore bole athletic sarir. Kemon acho mejapisi bole ager motoi jariye dhore. Prai tin bachar pore elo. Onek boro hoye gache.

sethu ame ta pare pura langala hei blue movie dekhi dekhi rati 2 ta three ta parjyanta maa pua ginha ginhi helu.mun pray di thara aau se chari thara jhadi gala sethu maa pua semiti langala hei kundha kundhi hei soi padilu.

The every day-persistent problems combined with the hypnic headache and thunderclap problems are viewed as Major problems too.

The initial step to diagnosing a headache is to find out If your headache is outdated or new.[twenty five] A "new headache" can be get more info quite a headache which includes started off not long ago, or a Persistent headache that has changed character.

Ebar mukhta amar adhkhola choochi dutor madhye. Pagoler moto ghoste thake amar buker modhye. Or mukher ghastanite pot pot kore blouser tinter madhye duto botam pot pot kore chire jai. Prai puro buktai khola. Amar bukta aro vari hoye ase. O brassiere er upor diyei maidutote mukh ghoshchilo.

Mun Videore dekhila parika taara dehara sabu aade kiss kari chalili. Kichi samaya pare sie bi besabra heiki kahila, “kete bele kariba. Please jaldi karana.”

Ek chancei chudiye nilo, abar amakeo hints dichhe. Ekta bowl a payes tule amar ghore jai. Deepu mone hoi jegei chilo (pore jante perechi amar blue movie dekhata o dekhechilo bathroom korte giye).

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Cure of a headache is dependent upon the fundamental induce, but generally includes agony medication. A headache is Probably the most typically seasoned of all Bodily discomforts.

A bleed inside the Mind irritates the meninges which causes soreness. Pituitary apoplexy (bleeding or impaired blood supply on the pituitary gland at the base with the brain) is commonly accompanied by double vision or visual industry defects, since the pituitary gland is correct beside the optic chiasm (eye nerves).

[25] For instance, if a person has chronic weekly problems with force on each side of his head, then develops a sudden serious throbbing headache on 1 side of his head, they've a brand new headache.

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